Photo by Tom Middleton

Flock of Western Sandpipers at an estuary in Puget Sound.
Photo by Tom Middleton

Conservation science, partnerships, and practice.
Collaborating to restore native species, their habitats, and our relationship to them.


Ecostudies Institute is dedicated to the conservation of native species and their ecosystems. Our natural environment faces complex and dynamic threats which we address with effective partnerships, conservation research and strategic, science-based management to create exceptional and lasting improvements for the species and habitats we support. Because ecological conservation is vitally linked to community, we work to promote environmental justice by removing barriers to engagement and improving access to environmental education and career opportunities for underserved populations. In particular, we recognize the inextricable connection between Indigenous peoples and their ancestral lands and seek to actively support that relationship.

Our core beliefs

Humanity and nature are inseparable: It is our collective responsibility to ensure healthy natural systems for generations to come.

Together we are better: Diverse and engaged partnerships bring new perspectives and strengths and efficiently improve regional conservation capacity on public and private lands.

Conservation starts on the ground: Sustainable conservation requires regional capacity for field restoration and science, which in turn cultivates valuable familiarity with priority ecosystems.

Sound science fosters effective management: Scientific learning provides a strong foundation for adaptively managing complex and dynamic ecosystems.

Biodiversity benefits everyone: Biodiversity and intact ecosystems are intrinsically valuable and provide critical services for healthy human communities.


Ecostudies Institute was established in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) scientific non-profit organization. For nearly two decades Ecostudies built a strong foundation of conservation work, primarily focused on bird conservation in Florida and the Pacific Northwest.

In 2020, Ecostudies broadened its conservation capacity and vision when a group of individuals transitioned their programs from another organization to reside and grow at Ecostudies.  Based in Olympia, Washington, we now focus our efforts solely in the Pacific Northwest, where we focus on our unique brand of cooperative conservation. Our senior staff has over 60 years of experience in the Pacific Northwest, a region we are continuously fascinated and inspired by, but also faces significant conservation challenges.