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Field Finds: Invertebrates

From the sparrow's point of view, the more invertebrates, the merrier.  Cape Sable Seaside Sparrows rely on invertebrates of all kinds--anything from spiders to crickets to dragonflies--for food for themselves and their young.  You can see changes in invertebrate abundance reflected in the sparrows' clutch sizes: when the pickings aren't as good (usually early season), sparrows tend to lay 2-3 [...]

By |July 10, 2015|CSSS, News|

A Three-nest Day

Cape Sable Seaside Sparrows are sneaky birds.  Starting the season as a first-time sparrow nest-searcher, finding a small grass nest in a vast grass prairie was a daunting task.  What made it worse was that these birds are not only extremely well-camouflaged, but also have an annoying habit of running around on the ground where you can’t [...]

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