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“Why should I care about this bird?”

Or – “What does it do for us?” Two questions I get asked very often, sometimes at the same time put together in one compound sentence. It is an anthropocentric question that I personally find very difficult to answer for a number of reasons. I’ve been asked this question countless times and yet I still [...]

By |March 19, 2017|News|

Time for Crunching Data

Ever wonder what we do outside the field season here at Ecostudies? This is just one example of the kind of work we're doing right now...all of which pretty much involves crunching data that we collected the past field season! Sure, we have some projects that still get us out in the field this time of [...]

By |September 28, 2015|News|

Sexing Sparrows

Our first report from the genetics lab which successfully determined the sex of a juvenile Cape Sable seaside sparrow! Now that our field season in the Everglades is over it's time to do some serious data analysis, and sexing juvenile sparrows using DNA extracted from feather samples was one of our objectives this year. Sexing seaside [...]

By |August 24, 2015|CSSS|

Everglades National Park from Above

Today I was in the right place at the right time. I spent the early morning hours assisting Everglades National Park with their range-wide Cape Sable seaside sparrow helicopter surveys, which involves flying researchers out to marl prairie sites, dropping them off to conduct a standardized point count survey, and picking them up to bring [...]

By |May 26, 2015|News|

Prairie Fire

Prairie Fire By Tom Virzi Fire is a natural and important element in the south Florida prairies where we are studying both the Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow and the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow. Under natural conditions, fires started by lightning strikes occur relatively frequently during the early part of the rainy season. They perform an important ecosystem function [...]

By |April 11, 2015|News|

Early Morning Routine

Early Morning Routine By Tom Virzi   Ever wonder what a typical field day in the Everglades looks like? It starts with silhouetted trees against a pre-dawn sky in the Everglades National Park visitor's center parking lot, our meeting place to drive together to our field sites out in the marl prairies. The beginning of the [...]

By |April 6, 2015|News|