The following resources are provided for volunteers participating in Ecostudies Institute’s annual Puget Sound Shorebird Count:

Protocol: PDF

Forms: PDF

Site Descriptions: PDF

Estimating Cover Guide: Percent_Cover_Guide

Other survey sources may be found here


Samish Bay: AliceBay

Padilla Bay: Overview, Whitmarsh Junction, Casino Lagoon; Padilla Dike-Indian Slough

Fidalgo Bay: Overview, East Fidalgo Bay, NE Fidalgo Bay

Skagit Bay: Overview, Jensen Access, English Boom, SW Skagit (Price), Hayden Farm/Fir Island

Port Susan Bay: Overview, Triangle Cove, Leque Island, Livingston Bay, NE PSB (Lervick), N. Hat Slough (TNC)Warm Beach (overview), zis a ba

Whidbey Island: Deer Lagoon – West and East, Crockett Lake

Puget Sound Shorebird Count

November 2020 Training Video (45 minutes):