Brown-headed Nuthatch and Eastern Bluebird in Everglades National Park

A reintroduction program was initiated to develop and implement translocation techniques aimed at restoring viable populations of Brown-headed Nuthatches and Eastern Bluebirds to Everglades National Park. The reintroduction was considered a test of the progress made in ecosystem restoration resulting from recovery from logging and the introduction of a natural fire regime implemented through prescribed burning.

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Caribbean Conservation

Ecostudies conducted two research projects in the Caribbean:

Conservation of Bahama Brown-headed Nuthatch
Only four Islands in The Bahamas support Caribbean Pine forest, and on only one – Grand Bahama Island – can you find the Bahamas Brown-headed Nuthatch. Ecostudies research focused on estimating the abundance of this rare species and determining its taxonomic status.

Andros Island – Bird inventory and assessment
In 2010, Ecostudies Institute conducted a rapid ecological assessment of avian communities and their habitats on Andros. Our goal was to identify areas of significant conservation value for a Land and Sea Use Plan that will help guide future development on the island.

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